Thanks to everyone who followed along! Please do not fall, and keep your electrocardiograms current. Thank you and happy shopping.

And we're done. Headed to the hands-on area now. Keep an eye on The Verge!

"At Apple, we're always pushing our products forward."

Tim Cook going over the announcements. Ummmmm no AirPower or AirPods with wireless charging yet.

macOS Mojave available on September 24th.

Reminder that the HomePod CANNOT detect when you have fallen. Please do not count on it to save your life.

Both HomePod and tvOS 12 with Atmos updates come on Monday, September 17th.

A lot of people have criticized the HomePod, which is unfair. It's highly effective as a doorstop.



Tim Cook is back with even more updates! He's reminding us the HomePod exists.

That's a lot of phones!

iOS 12 comes out next week, September 17th.

iPhone 7 still around, starts at $499; iPhone 8 $599; XR $749; XS $999; XS Max $1,099.

Shipping to even more locations on September 28th.

XS 64, 256, 512GB. starts at $999.
XS Max, same storage configs, starts at $1,099.
Preorders start on Friday, ships September 21st.

Can preorder on October 19th, ships on October 26th.

XR in three finishes and three storage sizes. $749 starting prices.

Ive: "Utterly uncompromised vision of the future."

I hope the musical guest is Alanis Morissette and she has written a parody of "Ironic" called "Bionic," and it's all about diffractive beam splitters on your wedding day.

There hasn't been any of the usual exploded-view-render-that-explains-how-this-works stuff around the notched LCD, which I would love to see.

Ive is going over all the stuff you've heard, with much hotter music.

Alright, now tell us that the Max costs $1,300 so we can hear the collective screams of Twitter users.

"iPhone XS is completely uncompromising." This implies the XR is... compromising.

"The iPhone X described our vision for the future of the smartphone," he says.

Jony Ive video time!

No mention of the front camera being updated from the 8, but we'll check.

The Liquid Retina display has truly stripped the words "liquid" and "retina" of all meaning.

Battery life 90 minutes more than iPhone 8 Plus.

So the XS is an XR with 3D Touch, two cameras, and an OLED screen.

Same ability to change the depth of field after the photo. That's neat.

Single camera on XR can do portrait mode. "This is remarkable," says Phil, studiously ignoring the Pixel 2's existence.

Single camera on the back, 12mp wide-angle. The same as the XS / XS Max wide-angle camera.

A12 Bionic chip! That's interesting.

Same TrueDepth stuff as the iPhone X.

Phil just said "swipe up to go to the home screen is a first on an LCD display" which is just... every person who ever worked at Palm is so, so mad right now.

"iPhone X experience on an LCD display."

Yoooo there is no 3D Touch on this spec sheet.

Bigger display than iPhone 8 Plus in a smaller design.

326 ppi, 1792 x 828

They're calling it the "Liquid Retina" display. 6.1-inches on diagonal.

The "R" in iPhone "XR" stands for "remedial." It's for people who are still catching up.

Screen goes edge-to-edge. It looks like Apple solved the chin problem other edge-to-edge LCD phones have by having the bezel be bigger wrap all the way around.

iPhone XR announced with a notched display and Face ID

White, black, blue, coral, yellow.

Made from 7000-series aerospace-grade aluminum and more durable glass.

iPhone XR.

It's colorful. It looks like the iPhone 8 with an edge-to-edge notch screen.

Video time.

There's another new iPhone!

Daisy robot can now disassemble nine models of the iPhone. (No one has ever seen Daisy work in reality. Let us see that, Apple!)

Apple GiveBack: Apple will buy your old devices or recycle them for free if it's not usable.

"Long-lasting hardware coupled with our amazing software."

Reducing the use of traditional plastics. Speaker now made with 35 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. Cover glass frame made with 32 percent bio-based plastic.

Recycled tin in the main logic board of the new iPhone. "This one change will prevent the mining of 10,000 tons of tin ore in a single year."

Wake me up when the A12 Bionic chip traps and filters greenhouse gases.

"We hope to one day eliminate our need to mine new materials from the earth." Three things to reach that goal: source materials responsibly, make products last as long as possible, and make sure they are recycled properly.

Apple’s Smart HDR sounds a lot like the Google Pixel camera

Apple now runs on 100 percent renewable energy.

What is the marquee feature of this new phone supposed to be? I still don't get it.

Lisa Jackson, Apple's environmental VP onstage now.

Spec slide time. Looks like this is wrapping up.

That eSIM thing is going to make this a hard rollout, though. There were groans in the audience when Phil said it.

Two physical SIMs in Chinese models: one on each side of the SIM tray. Neat.

A single physical SIM and an eSIM in iPhone XS and XS Max.

Works with eSIM, a software-based SIM standard. "Support for eSIM requires support from carriers."

New tech called DSDS: dual SIM dual standby.

Dual SIMs on the iPhone XS!

Gigabit-class LTE. "Best worldwide roaming."

Battery life! iPhone XS lasts 30 minutes longer than the X. The XS Max has biggest iPhone battery ever, up to 90 minutes longer than X. No hard numbers, though.

Frankly I would still like to hear more about the diffractive beam splitter. Not to mention the flood illuminator!

Showing us a video to demonstrate the automatic tone mapping and shadow details, that sort of thing.

Sorry, but I only record in mono. It was good enough for the Beach Boys on Pet Sounds, and it's good enough for me.

XS can record stereo sound.

"A new era of videography," says Phil. Lots of YouTubers in the crowd here. I'm curious what they say.

"This has not been possible with any kind of camera!" Somewhere the Lytro team just cried out in despair.

There's a new edit slider that adjusts the depth of field by simulating different aperture settings.

As usual, we're comparing to DSLRs, not other phone cams.

Showing us a photo that "was not shot with a high-end expensive camera."

These photos do look very good!

Portrait mode improvements as well -- the quality of bokeh has improved. "We studied some of the highest end full-frame cameras and expensive, fast lenses to characterize the quality of the bokeh."

Okay, this next photo looks great.

Say you're taking a picture and the subject is moving. The A12 chip freezes your subject's motor functions and will not release them until you're good and done.

This photo... actually doesn't look that good.

"Let's say you're taking a picture and the subject is moving." A12 can capture four frames with zero shutter lag with several interframes and a long exposure for shadow detail.

Smart HDR replaces last year's poorly received Idiot HDR.

New feature called Smart HDR.

"When you take a photo, it's capable of doing a trillion operations on every photo you take."

Facial "landmarking" for better red eye reduction and better portrait mode.


Phil going over the image processing system. A12 Bionic does this better than ever. Neural Engine now part of the image chain.

(Phil is talking very fast, sorry about the typos!)

7mp front cam f/2.2 with a faster sensor.

The XS has a "remarkable new camera system." 12mp wide cam and 12mp tele camera. New sensors in the wide cam, f/1.8 new true tone flash. Tele lens is f/2.4

iPhone is "the world's most popular camera," Phil says. I am very curious to see if they compare this new camera to the Pixel 2, which was consistently better than the X.

And Phil is back onstage to talk about the camera.

Huge congratulations to Player 3. By state law, she now gets to run this demo.

Everyone is telling us about the new "stereo widening," and we are just going to have to see what that really means.

The gameplay was inside our hearts the whole time!!

Every AR demo is silly, and this one is delightfully silly.

This is Galaga AR. "Gameplay is all around us," they say.

If you wanted to see a bunch of people pointing their phones at an empty table, this demo is for you!

Third app is an AR app: Atli Mar, CEO of Directive Games.

No sensors on the player, no sensors on the ball. It's all done in camera. That is very impressive.

They should make Homecourt for live blogs so I can tell how many of these jokes are landing.

"These insights are not visible to the naked eye."

Homecourt uses machine learning to identify Steve Nash as being good at basketball.

New A12 chip lets them do real-time player tracking. They call it real-time shot science.

This is neat. The app recognizes the hoop and court and then watches you play.

Homecourt lets you study your basketball shot by taking video of you playing and analyzing it.

David Lee from Nex Team and Steve Nash to talk about their Core ML camera app now.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is coming to iPhone this fall, preorders now.

The Elder Scrolls is a role-playing game about a senior citizen who has to thumb his way all the way down an extremely long document on his iPhone XS.

Someone please make a supercut of iPhone game demos where they compare the graphics to console graphics.

New Elder Scrolls game being demoed. It looks really good! The lighting can bounce off the walls in a cave.

They're going to do an AR demo on that table. It's going to happen.

By the way, that giant mysterious cube has been revealed to be... a table.

Todd Howard from Bethesda onstage now to demo a game.

Time for some app demos -- what we're being told is the "next generation of apps."

I once turned our office into an immersive aquarium (by flooding it with water), and HR told me to, and I quote, "knock it off."

Showing off some AR stuff. You can discover 200 species of sea life with a fishing app in your kitchen, y'all.

We're going over a bunch of iOS 12 stuff right now: AR, Memoji, Siri shortcuts. A12 makes Core ML run 9 times faster with one-tenth the energy.

My new Apple Watch tells me that the iPhone Xs has fallen ....... short of expectations!!!!!!

Apple announces new A12 Bionic chip with upgraded CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine

Dieter stopped taking photos to tell me that he is "hype for the new Clips app," so I hope the Clips team is taking a shot right now.

There is not one company in the industry that is good at explaining why a faster chip is important beyond "it's faster," and Apple is no exception: right now, we're being told apps will launch faster and photo search will go faster. I love faster, but just a year ago we were being told the iPhone X was so fast that it would destroy our minds, so it's not like we're missing much in that department right now.

So far, this is really looking like a very small S update: new colors and a processor bump.

A12 will fix your relationship with your dad.

A12 will enable "new experiences not possible before."

New memory controller can handle 512GB of storage, which lines up with the leaks.

New image processor for the camera listed on this spec slide. That's interesting.

If 2 performance cores leave Chicago traveling up to 15 percent faster, and 4 performance cores include tessellation and multilayer rendering, what time will the iPhone XS arrive?

600 billion operations per second for the A11 neural engine. The A12 can do 5 trillion operations per second.

(As with every year, these performance increases are great, but they tend to only pay off years from now.)

A12 GPU 50 percent faster than A11.

4-croe GPU, 6-core CPU, Neural Engine. 2 performance cpu cores, run 15 percent faster than A11.

A12 Bionic has 6.9 billion transistors.

The next Apple Watch update will be officially released on September 17th

Industry's first 7nm chip. That is a big, big deal.

A12 Bionic chip

Finally a phone with a flood illuminator! So sick of looking at darkened floods.

"Most secure facial identification ever in a smartphone."

I'm here for the gratuitous Foo Fighters reference.

iPhone XS has faster FaceID -- faster algos and faster Secure Enclave.

iPhone XS and 6.5-inch XS Max announced

Now on to Face ID. Going over the TrueDepth system in the notch.

Wider stereo sound on the XS models.

Is even one person who owns an iPhone XS Max going to call it that?

3D Touch is here on the spec slide.

I'm naming my next kid Siri, and she's going to be good at answering questions.

Also Mark Zuckerberg's daughter's name!

I will never forgive Apple for taking my daughter's name.

iPhone XS Max.

Basically the same as a Plus phone with edge-to-edge display.

"The biggest display ever on an iPhone." 458ppi, 2688 x 1242, 3m pixels.

This is a lot of talk about specs and not a lot of talk about whether the eggplant is an Animoji yet.

New 6.5-inch version!

60 percent greater dynamic range of colors than iPhone X display.

Throw your iPhone into the deep end of a pool if you want to feel truly alive!!

5.8-inch display. These are all familiar specs.

Tested in "many different liquids," even beer. Mild lols.

Gold, silver, space gray. IP68 water resistance.

It's important that phones are made from surgical-grade steel. So you can do surgery with them.

Screen covered in a new glass, most durable glass ever in a smartphone.

So it looks like "excess," and it's pronounced "ten ess"?

"It is made of surgical-grade stainless steel." Gold finish on front and back.

Phil Schiller onstage now.

The S is in a little box.

iPhone XS

It looks like the leaks, but there is a Portishead remix, so it's awesome.

Customer satisfaction would have been higher, but the technology did not yet exist to save them from dying in a fall.

"Today, we're going to take iPhone X to the next level. I'm excited to show you what is, by far, the most advanced iPhone we have ever created." Video time!

98 percent customer satisfaction.

"iPhone X has changed the industry, and along the way, it became the #1 smartphone in the world."

Cook going over the iPhone X Face ID and Portrait Mode.

"iPhone X defined the future of the smartphone."

Cook: Now let's talk about... iPhone!

I hope that ad leads to a Hokey Pokey renaissance.

Now the Hokey Pokey has been remixed for athletics.

It's hokey alright.

Another Apple Watch video! The soundtrack is... the Hokey Pokey.

And that's the Watch! Tim Cook coming back onstage.

watchOS 5 available on September 17th.

Orders open on Friday, and shipping starts on September 21st.

Series 4 GPS available in 26 markets at launch, cellular in 16 markets with 34 carriers.

Keeping Series 3 in the line starting at $279.

From $399 with GPS. $499 for cellular.

Apple Watch Hermès continues this fall with bold new looks. Watchfaces change with the passage of time.

Series 4 optimized for Nike+. Reflective yarn in the sport loop for nighttime visibility.

Excuse me, Jeff, it's pronounced "aluminium"!

All band colors and band styles fit any generation of the Apple Watch! That's good.

Jeff is back. New finishes: stainless and gold stainless.

Apple is so good at making things that look the same look totally different.

New larger display looks amazing in this video.

Jony Ive should narrate a book of love poems. His voice is that good. He is our generation's Barry White.

Why an Apple Watch with EKG matters

Jony Ive narration going over what we've just heard, with music that sounds like the rave from the Matrix Reloaded.

Outdoor workout time is only six hours? What the hell am I supposed to do during the seventh hour of my outdoor workout?

Wrapping up here -- it's video time!

"You're probably wondering about battery life." Same 18-hour battery life our customers enjoy. Outdoor workout time to 6 hours.

Apple, let me upload my ECGs to Facebook! I want to advertisers to target me alongside other people who are dead inside.

Specs slide! Bluetooth 5.0 notable on there.

"It's amazing to think that the same Watch you wear every day can now take an ECG."

FDA clearance means you can eat the Watch! Outstanding.

"Working to bring these features to customers around the world."

Jeff: "I am pleased to say that we've received clearance from the FDA. The first of its kind to have the heart rate alerts."

Dr. Benjamin is very happy about the Apple Watch, and Jeff Williams is back onstage.

(There have been other over-the-counter ECG devices, by the way: the Kardia Band, for instance.)

"In my experience, people often report symptoms that are absent during medical visits."

Ivor is "inspired by the lifesaving potential of technology." Surprise!

Jeff inviting the president of the American Heart Association to stage, Dr. Ivor Benjamin.

All ECG recordings stored in Health app.

Now you can take an ECG anytime, anywhere. You open the app and put finger on the digital crown. Built-in electrodes on the back and crown detect electrical impulses from your heartbeat and it will send them to S4 chip. Takes 30 seconds, and then you get a heart rate analysis.

First ECG product offered over the counter directly to consumers.

Big cheers for that.

"We've added electrodes to the back of the Watch, and the digital crown allows you to take an electrocardiogram."

Apple Watch should have a mode that just lets you love your body!!

"We won't catch every instance, but we believe this will help a lot of people who didn't know they had an issue."

Apple Watch cares so much about fitness. It's like your friend who did Crossfit three times and now has a LOT of opinions about it.

The second feature is screening for heart rhythm irregularities that appear to be atrial fibrillation.

Three new heart-monitoring features; notification if your heart rate is too low.

If you're immobile for a minute after a fall, the Watch automatically calls emergency services and sends your location to emergency contacts.

Elon Musk should put on this Watch to find out how far he has fallen.

"It looks like you've taken a hard fall," says the Watch.

This is an INCREDIBLE slide of how falls work. I love it.

"Identifying a fall may sound like a straightforward problem, but it requires a tremendous amount of data and analysis. We learned that with falls, there is a repeatable data pattern."

Still unanswered: can you vape with an Apple Watch Series 4?

"One of the most common injuries is falls." Apple Watch Series 4 can detect a fall.

The accelerometer and gyroscope power all-day activity tracking and identify swim strokes. Next-gen units with twice the dynamic range can measure up to 32 g forces and 8 times faster sampling.

Black Ceramic and Sapphire Crystal are two of my favorite X-Men.

S4 contains a powerful new dual-core 64-bit processor and a new GPU. Two times faster performance.

"Series 4 is just as impressive on the inside." S4 chip inside.

Back is made of black ceramic and sapphire crystal. Radio waves can pass through, increasing cell reception.

Speaker also redesigned -- much louder. "Ask Siri something, and she comes back with volume." Mic also moved to the other side to reduce echo.

I do like the idea of looking at your Watch and just seeing an all-consuming fire that is consuming everything around you. It's a metaphor!

"Next, let's turn to the digital crown, which has been reengineered and includes haptic feedback." The crown is one of the most forgotten pieces of the Watch.

Thank you, Apple Watch, for teaching us how to breathe.

Dynamic new watchfaces that interact with the display: fire, water, vapor.

Apple Watch Series 4 includes a bigger display and a built-in EKG scanner

Breathe app is now a watchface; raise your wrist to be guided into... take a breath.

That neon watchface looks like a clock that just got back from Electric Daisy Carnival.

Redesigned the modular face with more info from stocks, heart rate, activity.

More content in photos, maps, calendar. Richer complications. New watchface to take advantage of them. Can add contacts to watchface for one-tap access to them.

The screen does look very nice.

"We've done this with minimal changes to the case size." Thinner, so less total volume than Series 3. Every part of the UI has been redesigned to take advantage of the larger screen.

"It all starts with a stunning new display. We pushed the screen right to the edges, and curved the corners to perfectly match the shape of the Watch." Screen is over 30 percent larger.

"Everything about it has been redesigned and reengineered."

Apple Watch Series 4.

There it is -- looks just like the leaks.

"An intelligent guardian for your health" overstates the case a bit, no?

Heartbeat sounds. Red blood cells? Fire. Explosions.

Personally, I am surprised that we are this many generations into the Watch and the only use case the company has really nailed is fitness.

"We're taking Apple Watch to the next level." Video time!

This is not how "humbled" people talk about a product, by the way, Jeff!!

So... fitness and health now two different pieces of the Apple Watch experience. Interesting.

"We're humbled and inspired by how Apple Watch has become such an important and essential part of people's lives... in three areas." It keeps you connected. Fitness is at the core of Apple Watch, encouraging you to be more active. And health.

Jeff Williams now onstage to talk about the Apple Watch.

"It's the integration of breakthrough technology and powerful services."

"Think about how much the Apple Watch has grown in such a short period of time." Says it is the #1 watch in the world -- not smartwatch, but watch, period.

"Today, we're going to tell you about two of our most personal products... so let's get started with the Apple Watch."

(Also the nature of democracy, but you know.)

"iOS has changed the way we live, from the way we learn to the way we work."

"We are about to ship our 2 billionth iOS device."

"Of course, we aim to put the customer at the center of everything we do. That's why iOS is not just the most advanced mobile OS; it's the most personal."

Tim talking about the stores now. "Apple Stores are now welcoming over 500 million visitors per year."

"These are also magical days because we get to share our latest innovations with you. Apple was founded to make the computer more personal... we've created several categories of technology that have had a profound impact on people's lives."

Good stunt, Apple! Honestly, well done.

And Tim Cook is onstage, to many cheers.

The case contains.... the clicker.

She drops the case! It slides into the elevator! She jumps over the stairs! The tweet was definitely a planned stunt! Reality is distorted in this field!

Starting with the Mission Impossible theme, a staffer running with a case. What if that tweet was PLANNED????

Okay, here we go!

What if what Tim Cook needed was his headphone dongle?

The techs dig the beat, Nilay. They're boppin'.

"Heavy, California" by Jungle. The sort of funky vibe you want three minutes before the event starts.

Tim Cook has now deleted his tweet, the Apple Store index .xml files, and most of his secrecy team.

(btw with Ive I'm only two executives away from Apple pre-event bingo!)

Jony Ive (on the right) has a pretty cool shirt and probably very expensive sunglasses.

"Believer" by Imagine Dragons now. A good soundtrack for the visual of an Apple intern racing across campus to deliver Tim Cook's iPhone XS.

"Connection" by OneRepublic now. One of Tim Cook's favorite bands. Hopefully he, um, connects with whatever he needs.

That Tim Cook tweet is real. DM fails come for us all.

Stage is totally clear otherwise, no table with demo Macs or anything like we usually see.

Uh oh, what's up Tim?

There is a mysterious black cube to the right of the stage. It is very mysterious.

"Seventh Heaven" by Beck. A wild card pick, but it makes sense in the sort of "we're looking for songs that sound like Phoenix" vibe Apple usually lands on.

"If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be)" by Leon Bridges. Warm tones. Gold colors. It makes sense.

A single black cube is the only thing onstage. I'm hoping that it's going to open up, Fortnite-style, and create a portal that takes us all away from this world.

Sadly, you can't get the full Majesty of Craig Federighi's "Hair Force One" hair from this angle.

The Apple logo has a subtle gold hue.

"Summertime Magic" by Childish Gambino into "Can I Sit Next To You" by Spoon. This is the "post festival club" portion of the event music.

And Joz

"Kamikaze" by Walk the Moon playing now. A real Tim-Cook-on-the-treadmill jam.

Anyway, Phil Schiller sighting

One unanticipated consequence of Apple buying Shazam was the auto-creation of a "Your Shazam Songs" playlist in my Apple Music, which is almost entirely tech event music for me. It is a wide ride, let me tell you.

Apple has learned I like to take photos of the execs hanging out in front before the event, and it adjusted the lights down to keep them in chill darkness. Makes sense.

Music right now is "Miracle" by CHVRCHES into "Happier" by Marshmello and Bastille. A real end-of-summer festival vibe.

We're in and sitting down! I had almost forgotten how nice this theater is on the inside.

(To be fair, this is only the second event here. The first was last year’s iPhone event. Apple told me earlier they made a bunch of event planning changes after watching what worked in this space last year.)

Please. Please. Send these.

Dieter keeps yelling "STANCHIONS," and one of the Apple people said, “Yeah, we are like human stanchions.”


The crowd is thick, and there are no clear lines. Apple hates lines. I just yelled "STANCHIONS" because that's what's needed here, and there was rapturous applause. (The last part is a lie, but it should have been true.)

The music they’re playing in the theater is super ominous - like ambient flutes and bells? It sounds like we’re either about to attend a planetarium light show or be raptured to another existence.

Y'all are giving me serious trust issues after this #throwback.

By the way, the music in the Steve Jobs Theater atrium is a little stressful. There's a way to make flutes and chimes and tinkling pianos calming, I guess, but this isn't it.

I'm at 80 because I've been using my phone to make hashtag content.

91 percent. I’m conserving.

One hour to go, and Nilay is at 90 percent battery.

The crowd is building.

Apple website leak reveals 512GB iPhone XS and six color options for iPhone XR

Does Apple still care about Beats?

Will we ever get tired of buying iPhones?

Apple leaks iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR names on its own website

You're a little early! The event will start at 10AM PT / 1PM ET on Wednesday 9/12. In the meantime, here are the five major announcements we're expecting, and a rundown of the most plausible iPhone rumors.

Event Details

We’re live from Apple Park in Cupertino, CA, where Apple will announce its new iPhones. Expect an update to the iPhone X called the iPhone XS, a larger iPhone XS Max, and a cheaper LCD phone that could called the iPhone XR. Also anticipated: a new Apple Watch Series 4, release dates for iOS 12 and Mac OS Mojave, and potential updates to accessories including the AirPods and AirPower charging pad.
Start time:
8:00 AM PDT, 9/12/2018

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